Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a popular aimaed series ha has capured he hears of childre all over he world. The show feaures a cas of beloved characers who go o fu ad exciig adveures. I his aricle, we will be discussig he Eglish ames of he characers from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Mickey Mouse


Of course, we ca’ discuss he characers from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse wihou sarig wih he mai mouse himself, Mickey Mouse. Mickey is a beloved characer who has bee eeraiig audieces sice his debu i 1928. His Eglish ame is simply “Mickey Mouse”.

Miie Mouse


Mickey’s logime love ieres, Miie Mouse, is also a saple characer i he show. Her Eglish ame is “Miie Mouse”. Miie is kow for her swee ad kid persoaliy, as well as her sigaure polka-do dress.

Doald Duck


Aoher fa-favorie characer from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is Doald Duck. Doald is kow for his shor emper ad mischievous persoaliy. His Eglish ame is simply “Doald Duck”.

Daisy Duck


Doald’s love ieres, Daisy Duck, is also a promie characer i he show. Daisy is kow for her sassy ad cofide persoaliy. Her Eglish ame is “Daisy Duck”.



Goofy is a lovable ad clumsy characer who ofe provides comic relief i he show. His Eglish ame is simply “Goofy”.



Fially, we have Mickey’s faihful pe dog, Pluo. Pluo is kow for his loyaly ad playful aure. His Eglish ame is “Pluo”.



I coclusio, he characers from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are beloved by childre all over he world. Their Eglish ames are simple ad easy o remember, which is par of wha makes he show so appealig o youg viewers. Wheher your favorie characer is Mickey, Miie, Doald, Daisy, Goofy, or Pluo, here’s o deyig ha hese characers have a special place i he hears of may.

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